targeted solutions for every skin

since 1999, we have crafted the absolute finest skincare products available for home and professional care and continue to do so as we embrace our role as the leader in plant stem cell technology and as a top international skincare brand.

with innovative products that address every need and desire, advanced delivery systems and our unique layering technology, our exclusive and unique line takes skincare to the next level of excellence and that is pure skin science.

Advanced Formula Collection

now more powerful, luxurious, and nourishing than ever before, these expertly crafted serums create a treatment experience that transforms and revitalizes the skin. thoughtfully formulated to provide exactly what your skin needs through an intelligent, time-released delivery complex, the Advanced Formulas collection provides incomparable improvement for all skin types and concerns.

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what makes us different?

the Dermaquest difference

we are passionate about creating balance within the skin by using high-quality active ingredients combined with anti-inflammatory ingredients that are soothing for the skin

our exciting journey

because Dermaquest is such a comprehensive, synergistic range, there is a product or a treatment for every skin concern at every stage of life

the tri-factor phenomenon

there are many things that make Dermaquest absolutely unique, but probably one of the most important aspects of our range is the unique ingredient blend

Home - Peta Cruelty Free 200x128

Dermaquest are proud to be part of the peta cruelty-free company program

our best sellers

our collections contain the combined healing properties of stem cells, peptides and antioxidants.

Home - Mini Pumpkin Mask Advanced 400x400
Mini Pumpkin Mask
Home - Pigment Control Kit 400x400
Pigment Control Kit
Home - Radiant Skin Kit 400x400
Radiant Skin Kit
Home - Acne Management Kit 400x400
Acne Management Kit
Home - Age defence kit 400x400
Age Defense Kit
Home - essential starter kit 400x400
Essential Starter Kit
Home - C Infusion TX Mask C Infusion 400x400
C Infusion TX Mask
Home - Dermaclear Mask Dermaclear web 400x400
DermaClear Mask
Home - SheerZinc Clear Essentials 400x400
SheerZinc SPF 30 Tan
Home - Sheerzinc Tinted Essentials 1 400x400
SheerZinc SPF 30 Sun Kissed
Home - Sheerzinc Tinted Essentials 1 400x400
SheerZinc SPF 30 Tinted Nude
Home - Stem Cell 3D Tinted Moisturiser Stem Cell 3D 400x400
Stem Cell 3D Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30
Home - Stem Cell 3D Complex Stem Cell 3D 400x400
Stem Cell 3D Complex
Home - Stem Cell 3D Eyelift Stem Cell 3D 400x400
Stem Cell 3D Eye Lift
Home - Stem Cell 3D Facial Cleanser Stem Cell 3D 400x400
Stem Cell 3D Facial Cleanser
Home - Skinbrite Facial Cleanser Skinbrite 400x400
SkinBrite Facial Cleanser
Home - EyeBrite SkinBrite 400x400
Home - Skinbrite Cream Skinbrite 400x400
SkinBrite Cream
Home - SkinBrite Serum SkinBrite 400x400
SkinBrite Serum
Home - Retinaldehyde Renewal Cream Sensitized 400x400
Retinaldehyde Renewal Cream

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professional range

professional includes deep cleansing facials, resurfacers, chemical peels, and physician grade treatments.

Home - TCA Salicylic Acid Peel Professional 400x400
TCA Salicylic Peel
professional range
Home - Stem Cell 3D Mask Professional 400x400
Stem Cell 3D Masque
professional range
Home - Skinbrite Solution Professional 400x400
SkinBrite Solution
professional range
Home - Skinbrite Peel Professional 400x400
SkinBrite Peel
professional range
Home - Retinol Solution Professional 400x400
Retinol Solution
professional range
Home - Power Pumpkin Resurfacer Professional 400x400
Power Pumpkin Resurfacer
professional range
Home - Power Peptide Resurfacer Professional 400x400
Power Peptide Resurfacer
professional range
Home - Post Laser Balm Professional 400x400
Post Treatment Balm
professional range
Home - Neutralizing Solution Professional 400x400
Neutralizing Solution
professional range
Home - Modified Jessners Professional 400x400
Modified Jessner's Peel
professional range
Home - Mini Pumpkin Mask Professional 400x400
Mini Pumpkin Mask
professional range
Home - Mangobrite Resurfacer Professional 400x400
MangoBrite Resurfacer
professional range
Home - Lactic Acid Resurfacer Professional 400x400
Lactic Acid Resurfacer
professional range
Home - mist toner 400x400
Hydrating Mist Toner
professional range
Home - Hydrating Gel Mask 400x400
Hydrating Gel Mask
professional range
Home - Hibiscus Flower Mandelic Peel Professional 400x400
Hibiscus Flower Mandelic Peel
professional range
Home - Glycolic Acid Resurfacer Level 1 Professional 400x400
Glycolic Acid Resurfacer Level II
professional range
Home - Glycolic Acid Resurfacer Level 1 Professional 400x400
Glycolic Acid Resurfacer Level I
professional range
Home - Glycolic Acid Peel Professional 400x400
Glycolic Acid Peel (Physician Only)
professional range
Home - Firming Enzyme Powder Professional 400x400
Firming Enzyme Powder
professional range
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i was thrilled to discover a new skincare range called Dermaquest. i contacted a clinic in my area for an appointment and after a consultation, it was suggested that i try the Modified Jessner peel. it exceeded my expectations! after just one peel my skin looked smoother and the oily shine disappeared. i have had many other chemical peels before, never have i had such a lovely result and i will definitely continue to use this range in future. my friends have noticed how great my skin is looking and i have suggested that they get this product as i have never used anything this effective. thank you Dermaquest, your great products really impressed me and i will be back for more.

estene trollope

the Power Pumpkin Resurfacing treatment has been an excellent addition to my back bar. it is the treatment i use for those clients who are looking for a more aggressive exfoliation that will quickly improve their acne, fine lines and/or excess oil. clients notice that their pores feel cleaner, longer, compared to other resurfacers. two outstanding retail products are the Dermaclear Serum, which effectively clears client's skin without drying them out, and the Delicate Soothing Serum which quickly reduces post-procedure redness like no other product i have ever tried. i have been recommending it to all of my sensitive skinned clients.

carol weidemann

Dermaquest’s line of skin care products really does deliver. i've tried other skin care products on myself, but none have lived up to their promises. the first time i used Dermaquest products i saw immediate results, my skin is firmer & tighter, and fine lines have completely diminished. my skin tone is lighter & brighter, and beautifully even & balanced. i get compliments all the time, my two favourite products are SkinBrite Cream and C Infusion Eye Cream.

patty palumbo

the packaging of the products is sleek, modern and due to the effective pumps, i use every drop of product-which leaves nothing to waste. airless pumps mean clients don't handle the product and therefore it creates a sterile environment to the last drop. the products are fantastic...i am very impressed by the results i am achieving for clients in treatment with the variety of peels Dermaquest offers, and the treatment creams and serums are incredible. love the Delicate Soothing Serum and Delicate Daily Moisturizer.


i love my new Dermaquest products. i started using them two months ago and my skin looks and feels so much better. the SkinBrite Serum has certainly helped with a few dark spots on my cheek and forehead and the Peptide Eye Firming Serum has really reduced the fine lines and dark circles. my favourite Dermaquest product though is the Peptide Line Corrector! i am totally addicted to it and would tell anyone it's a must have!

elaine papageorgiou

one of my many favourite Dermaquest products is the Delicate Soothing Serum. it's wonderful to use after laser treatments and chemical exfoliations because it helps calm and soothe the skin. because it contains many healing and anti-inflammatory properties, my acne and rosacea clients love it!

kristi batchelor

success stories

medical practitioner dr zen ludick from johannesburg south africa

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