intrinsic aging: what is your genetic inheritance?

intrinsic aging: what is your genetic inheritance? - DQ Articles Aging

What is Intrinsic Aging?

When you look at your family genetics, what do you see? Freckles? Dark circles around the eyes? That deep crease where the brow furrows? Do you have lines across your forehead? This is Intrinsic Aging. Aging that is passed down through family DNA and through genetics from our mothers and their mothers and so on.

This kind of aging is inevitable but we can slow the process and take proactive strides toward holding off your genetic inheritance. With the guidance of a trusted and well educated skincare professional and using advanced skincare that precisely targets your specific concerns. By incorporating cutting edge technology and the highest quality ingredients like peptides, retinols, highly effective hydrators and using sun protection daily without exception, will greatly decrease signs of genetic aging.


Peptides can be an integral part of an anti-aging routine. They can help to build collagen and boost elastin levels in the skin, they can help to lighten pigmentation (freckles or age spots) or they can act as neurotransmitter inhibitors, interrupting the nerve signals between the brain and facial muscles. This is beneficial in the blocking the genetically predisposed muscle movements that cause and increase the depth of lines and wrinkles


Retinols are a clinically proven, anti-aging component. A powerful exfoliator that reduces appearance of photo damage, refines skin and aids in the production of new collagen reducing wrinkles and sagging skin.


Hydrators, specifically hyaluronic acid, which holds 1000 times its weight in water. It has the ability to bond that moisture to the skin, keeping it hydrated, plump and flexible which keeps wrinkles from forming and allowing the skin to maintain its youthful appearance.

Daily Sun Protection

Daily Sun Protection is the most effective and greatest anti-aging preventative measure you can take. UV exposure and our genetic sensitivity to it, has the biggest impact the integrity of our skin from the breakdown of collagen and elastin to the over production of pigment (hyperpigmentation/freckles) to our genetic susceptibility to skin cancer. Protecting the skin daily is our first and best line of defense against aging.

Intrinsic Aging is unavoidable but when we incorporate the simple steps listed here – we can be proactive and decelerate the visible signs of aging. Knowledge is power – so, thank your genetics for the advanced warning on your skincare objectives!

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