Is a Man’s Skin Really Different?

By dermaquest

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This is the month to celebrate the men in our lives. As Father’s day comes to a close it prompts an industry-wide discussion about men’s skin care tips and practices.

Typically men’s skin is thicker and oilier than women due to the male hormones. Some refer to these hormones as adrenal androgens, androgens, male sex hormones or just plain old testosterone. Excessive amounts of androgen will stimulate sebaceous gland activity which causes excess oil production. Therefore, men’s skin is typically about 25% thicker than women’s and oilier. As a result, this will lead to larger and higher numbers of enlarged pores. This well studied and documented information helps identify the differences between men and women’s skin.

However, in some rare cases men’s skin will not be oily but it may be sensitized from the amount of shaves over the course of their lifetime. Excessive shaving causes the skin to become increasingly thicker, darker, and irritated. Ingrown hairs or razor bumps are a common problem associated with shaving as well. So, what does all of this mean?

The men in our lives need quality skin care. Skin care that will exfoliate, help regulate sebaceous gland activity, reduce the appearance of pore size, calm and soothe irritation, keep their skin hydrated and balanced, and let’s not forget the importance of sunscreen too. Sunscreen for our guys can also be applied to the tops of their heads, backs of their necks and their ears too. This would apply to our guys that work outdoors and they are exposed to long periods of harsh UV rays that contribute to 80-90% of the signs of aging.

Although, men have much more condensed collagen fibers than women, when they do begin to show signs of aging, they age much quicker. Anti-irritants, hyaluronic acid, anti-inflammatories, skin rebuilding peptides, anti-oil, and anti-bacterial ingredients will be beneficial in a man’s skin care regime.


Of course, this article is generally speaking based on the science of men’s skin. There will be men that do not fit into any of the skin types previously mentioned so a consultation is always necessary to make sure that the right products are prescribed. This is an easy undertaking for your favorite esthetician so go ahead and get him a gift card at the spa for a deep cleansing, men’s facial and celebrate him all month long. Happy Father’s day all month long J.

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