Give us a go

Skincare is a minefield of choices…


It’s tough to know for sure if what you are purchasing will really work for you.


Our solution is simple; complete a short on line skin care assessment and we will prescribe the correct skin kit, containing 4 targeted products suitable for your skin type, which will deliver high impact results.


At the click of a button you can purchase your very own ’give us a go’ box for just R995.00. This box will contain the prescribed kit of your choice, a few extra samples for your skin type, a stockist list to direct you to the professionals in your area and a catalogue of the Dermaquest range of products and treatments.


What is more, courier to SA residence is absolutely free!


Don’t forget though…..print your on line skin care assessment and take it along with your skin kit to your preferred stockist.


Important please read:


Dermaquest’s products might be habit forming. We are not responsible for your inevitable obsession. However we’ll naturally take credit for your rejuvenated complexion.


Best wishes




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